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Version: ADONIS 13/ADOIT 14/ADOGRC 11.1

Developer Portal Release Notes R28



  • Dropped support for IE 11!
  • Improved Stability and Security
  • Customer & Project Feedback
  • For in-depth details see What's New in ADONIS


  • New version 2.1 was introduced. All changes listed below are available only for 2.1 version
  • Possibility to add own REST extensions using ADOxx REST framework features
  • Read APIs to get relations of modelling instances.
  • Token based configuration is now optional
  • HATEOAS links can be disabled in configuration and can be managed per request using Prefer header
  • New attribute parameter in object groups (to control which of the visible attributes should be retrieved)
  • New /me endpoint to get information about current user (only available when using Basic authentication or OAuth 2.0)
  • New /scenarios endpoint to get list of scenarios enabled for current security context
  • New addBoundingBox parameter when retrieving SVG model images to additionally retrieve information about artefact keys for each item in SVGs
  • Language independent name for ENUM and ENUMLIST attributes is now returned
  • New View-specific endpoints
  • Better RWF support (addition of chainID and RWF metastate in results)