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Version: ADONIS 14/ADOIT 15/ADOGRC 11.2

Developer Portal Release Notes R28.1




  • New version 3.0 was introduced. All changes listed below are available only for 3.0. 3.0 introduces several big changes to API parameters and responses that are not compatible with their counterparts of earlier versions
  • View workbenches
  • New endpoint to retrieve icongroups and icons
  • The search endpoint now supports a JSON query format which supports powerful queries including unions, intersects, following relations, and other options.
  • The response formats for search results and direct access to artefacts have been aligned (the search responses were adapted)
  • New "latest" endpoint for models and repository objects to retrieve the last relevant artefact in the chain in case a release workflow (RWF) is used
  • New endpoint to upload DMS documents for custom attributes
  • It is now possible to configure authentication using the OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials grant type
  • It is now possible to configure authentication using JWT
  • The metamodel endpoints now provide more information for object classes and model types
  • The new optional parameter groupInformation was introduced in the search and object/model endpoints to retrieve the group path for all returned artefacts
  • Extended responses in various endpoints
    • RWF state icons
    • RWF stable link
    • Library object ID